About Sumeru Events

The curtains will be raised, the audience is impatient, spotlight will soon be on and the performance shall begin. No space for mistakes, immediate appreciation or criticism is inevitable, the heartbeats can be heard with more prayers of success than you can find in a church on Sunday…all was going well when suddenly…

You need to meet us to know what happened next. We have many such stories from our list of events, expos, parties, conferences and activities that have seen the light of day even in the worst natural conditions. Our expert team of maniacs knows no limits and would do anything it takes to make any event a successful one. A rare breed you may find somewhere in urban legends. In a host of these amazing events we would be delighted to add a story of your event too. So, let’s meet over a coffee and we are sure to captivate your attention to an extent that your coffee may get cold.

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